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Subaru WRX/STi CUSTOM eTunes (2002 - Present OBD2)

Subaru WRX/STi CUSTOM eTunes (2002 - Present OBD2)


Supported Engines: EJ205/EJ207/EJ251/EJ253/EJ255/EJ257

Custom E-Flash Tuning Available: 


Remap and Optimize the following: 


- Fuel Map

- Boost Map

- Ignition Timing

- AVCS Map


Performance & Safety Confirmation of Calibration/Tune:


-Confirm AFR

-Knock sensitivity

-Limp home disable conditions

-Ignition advance multipliers

-Boost targets


List of Available Vehicles: 


Impreza STi

Impreza WRX

Impreza 2.5i / 2.5RS

Legacy 2.5i / 3.0R

Legacy GT / XT

Outback 2.5i / XT

Forester 2.5 / XT

Baja Turbo

Tribeca B9

Supported ECU ROM's:
1. US Domestic Market:
(USDM)B9 Tribeca06 D0XJ002B (AT)*07 D2UG101B (AT)*Baja Turbo04 A2ZJ500K (AT)*, A2ZJ500L (MT)*05 A2WC400K (AT)*, A2WC500K (AT)*, A2WC501K# (AT)*, A2WC500L (MT)*, A2WC501L (MT)*06 A2WF100K (AT)*, A2WF100L (MT)*, A2WF101K (AT)*, A2WF101L (MT)*Forester 2.505 E2ZJ121H (MT/AT)*06 E2VG211D (MT/AT)*07 E2VG221D (MT/AT)*08 E2TB011I (AT)*09 EZ1G109K (MT)*Forester XT04 A2ZJ201D (AT)*, A2ZJ500I (MT)*, A2ZJ512I (MT)*05 A2WC400D (AT)*, A2WC400I (MT)*, A2WC410D (AT)*, A2WC410I (MT)*, A2WC411I (MT)*, A2WC412D (AT)*, A2WC412I (MT)*06 A8DH100I (MT)*, A8DH101D (AT)*, A8DH101I (MT)*07 A8DK100D (AT)*07/08 A8DK100I (MT)*09 AZ1G101R (AT)*Impreza 2.5i06 E2UE202L (MT)*, E2VH100C (MT/AT)*, E2VH101C (MT/AT)*, E2VH102C (MT/AT)*, E2VH111C (MT/AT)*, E2VH112C (MT/AT)*, E2VH202C (MT/AT)*07 E2UE101L (AT)*, E2UE102L (MT)*, E2UG002L# (MT)*08 EZ1E102G (MT)*, EZ1E102H (AT)*08/09 EZ1E401G (MT)*Impreza 2.5RS05 E2ZJ101G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ103G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ111G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ113G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ121G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ123G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ133G (MT/AT)*Impreza STiA4TJ1X00 (MT/AT)04 A2ZJ500J (MT)*, A2ZJ700J (MT)*, A2ZJ710J (MT)*05 A2ZJB10J (MT)*, A2ZJB11J (MT)*06 A2ZJE11J (MT)*07 A2UG000J (MT)*, A2UJ000J (MT)*08/09 AZ1G201I (MT)*, AZ1G202I (MT)*10 AZ1G701I (MT)*, AZ1G702I# (MT)*11 AE5I910V# (MT)*, AE5IB00V# (MT)*12 AE5K500V# (MT)*Impreza WRX02 A4SG900C (MT/AT), A4SGA00C (MT/AT), A4SGC00C (MT/AT), A4SGD10C (MT/AT), A4SGE00C (MT/AT), A4SGE01C (MT/AT)03 A4TC101K (AT), A4TC101L (MT), A4TC300K (AT), A4TC300L (MT), A4TC400L (MT), A4TC401L (MT)04 A4TF300E (AT), A4TF300F (MT), A4TF400E (AT), A4TF500F (MT), A4TF510E (AT), A4TF510F (MT), A4TF520F (MT)05 A4TF7000 (MT), A4TF800E (AT), A4TF800F (MT), A4TF810F (MT)06 A8DH200W (AT)*, A8DH200X (MT)*, A8DH201X (MT)*, A8DH202X (MT)*07 A8DK100W (AT)*, A8DK100X (MT)*, A8DK101X (MT)*08 AZ1E401A (MT)*, AZ1E401B (AT)*09 AZ1G401V (MT)*10 AZ1G701V# (MT)*11 AE5I910L# (MT)*, AE5IA10L# (MT)*Legacy 2.5i05 E2ZJ101B# (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ141B# (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ173B# (MT/AT)*06 E2VG221B# (MT/AT)*08 EZ1D105C (MT)*, EZ1D201D (AT)*09 EZ1D302B (AT)*, EZ1D302C (MT)*, EZ1D302D (AT)*Legacy 3.0R09 D2TC001P (AT)*, D2TB102P# (AT)*Legacy GT spec.B07 A2UG000L (MT)*, A2UI001L (MT)*08 A2TB000L (MT)*, A2TB001L (MT)*Legacy GT05 A2WC500C (AT)*, A2WC500N (MT)*, A2WC510C (AT)*, A2WC510N (MT)*, A2WC511C (AT)*, A2WC511N (MT)*, A2WC521C (AT)*, A2WC521N (MT)*, A2WC522N (MT)*06 A2WF200C (AT)*, A2WF200N (MT)*07 A2UG000C (AT)*, A2UG000N (MT)*, A2UI001C (AT)*08 A2TB000N (MT)*Legacy/Outback GT/XT08 A2TB001C (AT)*08/09 A2TB001N (MT)*Outback 2.5i06 E2VG222B (MT/AT)*07 E2UE102B# (MT)*Outback XT05 A2WC500R (AT)*, A2WC510R (AT)*, A2WC510S (MT)*, A2WC511R (AT)*, A2WC521R (AT)*, A2WC521S# (MT)*, A2WC522S (MT)*06 A2WF200R (AT)*, A2WF200S (MT)*Tribeca09 DZ1E402B (AT)*

2. Australian/South American Domestic Market (ADM):
Forester 2.506 E2VG212E (MT/AT)*06/07 E2UE101J (AT)*, E2UE102J (MT)*09 EZ1G107M (MT)*Forester Turbo01/02 A4SE700F (MT/AT), A4SE700J (MT/AT)03 A4RL100K (MT/AT)Forester XT04 A2ZJ500H (AT)*, A2ZJ500M (MT)*05 A2WC400H (AT)*, A2WC400M (MT)*, A2WC420M (MT)*, A2ZJA00Q (MT/AT)*06 A8DH100H (AT)*, A8DH100M (MT)*07 A8DK100E (AT)*, A8DK100H (AT)*, A8DK100M (MT)*Impreza STi01/02 A4RG060P (MT/AT)03 A4RM100G (MT/AT)04 A4RN300I (MT/AT)06 A8DH200V (MT)*07 A8DK100V (MT)*08 AZ1G200J (MT)*10 AZ1G700H# (MT)*11 AZ1G800L# (MT)*Impreza WRX01/02 A4SE700I (MT/AT), A4SE900I (MT/AT)03 A4TE0000 (MT/AT), A4TE001I (MT/AT)04 A4TH000N (MT/AT), A4TH000O (MT/AT)05 A4RM100F (MT/AT), A4RM200K (MT/AT), A4TH100H (MT/AT), A4TH100L (MT/AT)06 A8DH200O (MT)*, A8DH200U (MT)*07 A8DK100L (MT)*, A8DK100O (MT)*, A8DK100U (MT)*08 AZ1E400C (MT)*, AZ1E400E (MT)*09 AZ1G400W (MT)*, AZ1G400X (MT)*Liberty 2.5i08 E2TB102M (MT)*Liberty 3.0R04 D2WD610H (MT)*05 D2WD603H (MT)*06 D0XJ001M (MT)*, D0XJ001T (AT)*07 D2UH001M (MT)*Liberty B4 (DTC DEFS ONLY)02 A4SH701K (MT/AT)03 A4SHA10R (MT/AT)Liberty GT04 A2WD001G (AT)*, A2WD010G (AT)*, A2WD012G (AT)*, A2ZJ800G (AT)*, A2ZJC00G (AT)*, A2ZJD00G (AT)*, A2ZJD02G (AT)*05 A2WD002T (MT)*, A2WD010T (MT)*, A2WD012T (MT)*06 A2WD010Y (AT)*, A2WD010Z (MT)*07 A2UG002T (MT)*08 A2UG001G (AT)*, A2UI000Y (AT)*, A2UI000Z (MT)*10 AE5F301D (MT)*

3. European Domestic Market (EDM):
Forester Turbo01/02 A4SE700E (MT/AT)03 A4RL100J (MT/AT)Forester X11 EP5D004L# (AT)*Forester XT04 A2WC401F (MT)*, A2WC420F (MT)*, A2ZJ500F (MT/AT)*05 A2ZJA00P (MT/AT)*, A2ZJA10P (MT/AT)*06 A8DH100F (MT)*, A8DH100P (AT)*07 A8DK100F (MT)*, A8DK100P (AT)*09/10 AZ1G101M (MT)*, AZ1G101N (AT)*Impreza STi01/02 A4RG060Q (MT), A4RN1000 (MT)03 A4RM000H (MT/AT), A4RM100H (MT), A4RN2000 (MT), A4RN200H (MT)05 A4RN300G (MT)06 A8DG300Z (MT)*, A8DH20 (MT)*, A8DH200Z (MT)*07 A8DK100Z (MT)*08 AZ1G201G (MT)*, AZ1G202G (MT)*08/09 Z1G20000 (MT)*11 AZ1J500G# (MT)*Impreza WRX01/02 A4SE300D (MT/AT), A4SE700D (MT/AT), A4SE900D (MT/AT)03 A4TE001G (MT/AT), A4TE100G (MT/AT)05 A4TE3000 (MT/AT), A4TE300D (MT/AT)06 A8DH200Y (MT)*07 A8DK100K (MT)*, A8DK100Y (MT)*08 AZ1E400U (MT)*09 AZ1G400U (MT)*Legacy GT10 AE5F301C# (AT)*Legacy 3.0R05 D2ZZ001E (AT)*06 D0XJ001R (AT)*08 D2TB201R (AT)*Outback 2.5i04 E2ZD508C (MT)*Tribeca09 DZ1G001F (AT)*
4. Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
Exiga 2.0GT08 AZ1H102W (AT)*Exiga 2.0i08 E2TB101Q (AT)*Forester STi04 A2WA20 (MT)*, A2WC000E (MT)*04–07 A2WC011E (MT)*, A2WC012E (MT)*, A2WC013E (MT)*Forester Turbo01/02 A4RI200I (MT/AT), A4RI300I (MT/AT), A4RI401I (MT/AT)Forester XT09 AZ1G105L (AT)*Impreza 3.0R04 D2WD610A# (MT)*Impreza SGT08 A2TB100U (MT)*, A2TB100V (AT)*, AZ1H101W (AT)*Impreza STi01/02 A4RG0500 (MT/AT), A4RG050N (MT/AT), A4RG050R (MT/AT), A4RG051N (MT/AT), A4RG052N (MT/AT), A4SD600B (MT/AT), A4SD700B (MT/AT), A4SD800B (MT/AT), A4SD900B (MT/AT), A4SDA00P (MT/AT), A4SDA00Q (MT/AT), A4SDA01B (MT/AT), A4SDA01Q (MT/AT)03 A4TE001B (MT/AT), A4TE002B (MT/AT), A4TE002C (MT/AT), A4TE002Q (MT/AT)05 A4TJ111B (MT/AT), A4TJ111C (MT/AT), A4TJ120S (MT/AT), A4TJ121B (MT/AT), A4TJ121C (MT/AT), A4TJ121S (MT/AT)08 AZ1G300F (MT)*, AZ1G301F (MT)*09 AZ1G500F (MT)*, AZ1G502L (AT)*11 AZ1J500J# (AT)*, 11 AZ1G800F# (AT)*Impreza WRX01/02 A4SD501A (MT/AT), A4SD800A (MT/AT), A4SD900A (MT/AT)03 A4TE000A (MT/AT)04 A4TE200A (MT/AT)Legacy 2.004 E2ZD308E (MT/AT)*Legacy 2.5i08 E2SB001K (AT)*Legacy 3.0R04 D2WD200A (MT)*, D2ZU200A ()*05 D2WD604A (MT)*07 D2UK001Q (AT)*Legacy B4 (DTC DEFS ONLY)02 A4SH701H (MT/AT), A4SHB00H (MT/AT), A4SHC00G (MT/AT), A4SHC01G (MT/AT)Legacy BH (DTC DEFS ONLY)02 4SLEHB00 (MT/AT), A4SH701G (MT/AT), A4SHB00G (MT/AT)Legacy GT spec.B06 A2UG000K# (MT)*07 A2TB100K (MT)*, A2UI000K (MT)*Legacy GT04 A2WD000A (AT)*, A2WD001A (AT)*, A2WD001B (MT)*, A2WD010A (AT)*, A2WD010B (MT)*, A2WD012A (AT)*, A2WD012B (MT)*, A2ZJ600B (MT)*, A2ZJ601A (AT)*, A2ZJ800A (AT)*, A2ZJC00B (MT)*, A2ZJD00A (AT)*, A2ZJD00B (MT)*, A2ZJD01A (AT)*, A2ZJD02B (MT)*06 A2UG000B (MT)*, A2UH000A (AT)*07 A2PG420A (AT)*, A2TB100B (MT)*, A2TB100Y (AT)*, A2UI000A (AT)*08 A2SB000A (AT)*, A2TB100A (AT)*Outback 2.5i05 E2WD500D (AT)*Outback XT08 A2SB000Y (AT)*