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AiM Powerboat Packages

AiM Powerboat Packages


Step 1 - Choose Datalogger from our website products page


Step 2 - Choose sensors / potentiometers required for datalogger & application


Pleasure Powerboaters & Racers can benefit from these specific sets of add on and peripheral devices for their datalogger kits.


Full integration with the most popular ECU data streams from manufactures like Mercury 2.5EFI, Mercury SmartCraft, Brucato. 


The suite of sensors we offer have a race winning pedigree that has been derived from many years of success on the international powerboat racing circuit.  


Powerboat Datalogger Kit (As Seen In Video) - $2599 CAD
-MyChron 5 2T (with Expansion box) with twin fast response EGT's, fuel pressure, water pressure, water temperature, trim angle sensor, and all cables/fittings. 


Contact us for more information on the right packages for your specific application!